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Choosing an ERP solution for your firm

A large number of firms are in the process of choosing an ERP solution that fits into their needs. The following are some of the prerequisites for helping the firm choose the right ERP solution:


  •  Understand the current business processes: every firm has a unique set of business processes. It is important to document and understand the current business processes before considering various ERP solutions. It is important to understand the pain points, strengths and future state of various business processes.
  •  Measure the proposed benefits(ROI) for the new system: a large number of firms would like to understand what are the benefits of implementing the new system. To enable this process, it is important to understand the metrics by which the benefits of the new system shall be measured.
  •  Designing a customized RFP for your firm: based on your user needs it is important to design a customized RFP for your firm. It is important for the end client to know various entities that shall be required at the end client.
  •  Ease of use of the new system
  •  Ease of implementation of the new system
  •  Quality of documentation.


How can we help?(If your firm is using either MS Excel or a custom solution)


  •          Understand the current business processes: If your firm is currently using MS Excel spreadsheets, we could do process modeling and document all the required entities for your firm.
  •          Document a list of metrics by which improvements shall be gauged: Using our methodology for consolidating data from MS Excel spreadsheets, we can devise a list of metrics based upon the end client       requirements and help the end client devise a system to track the same. The documented results should help the end client drive a better deal with the top ERP vendors and make a good choice of an ERP system.
  •          Finding the modules that are needed: using our process modeling the end clients shall know the entities that are required to be purchased from various ERP vendors.


Why us?

·         We have a systematic 5 step implementation technique by which we convert the spreadsheets into usable analytics.


  •          Low turnaround time: we shall devise the solution for your team within a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
  •          Low cost: we use low cost systems and tools to help solve the client’s problems.
  •          Tie up with industry experts: since our team has had a data warehousing background, we work with industry experts(other software firms) to help solve the problems for our clients.


What is the ROI of our activity?


  •  Documentation of the current business processes/Data Modeling: we believe that in case your team is involved at capturing data within MS Excel, then the consolidation of the data within the same should help get improvement in various metrics by at least 3(three) percent in 6 months.
  •   Choosing the right ERP system: we believe that the firms should save at least 10%(ten) percent in implementation time and selection costs by using our services.