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High value EPC Contractor Module

We have a highly cost effective module for EPC contractors with that  we have furnished with readymade analytics. Our EPC contractor module provides the following information:

·         Comprehensive project data visibility: it offers visibility from projects to work area down to a task and activity levels.

·         It offers scope for defining hierarchy of tasks.

·         Easy to understand and use interface for managing vendors and their components.

·         Easy to understand interface for managing contractors and their associated activities.

·         Easy to understand interface for managing the employees associated with various tasks.

·         Ability to handle attachments of various types.

A large number of reports and dashboards are available with this project software module. We offer the following analysis frameworks and cubes for analysis:

·         Project-area-task and activity: this gives a comprehensive overview of the activity start, activity end dates, actual start dates and actual end dates.

·         Vendor-task-activity views: this offers a comprehensive view of vendor,components along with the associated activities and the tasks for their usage.

·         Employee-task view: ability to view the tasks and the activities associated with an employee.

·         Employee-common tasks view: handle common tasks associated with employees. These tasks are not associated with any project.

Some of the common reports for analysis are as follows:

·         Target versus achieved milestones: based on start date, end date, planned end date and planned start date.

·         Vendor-component quantity wise analysis: based on vendors and  components

·         Vendor-component order wise analysis: analyze the orders for vendor components over periods in time.

·         Task-wise analysis: offers a comprehensive task analysis

·         Cash flow forecasting: based on the probable receivables, the forecast of cash flows for given periods in time.

·         Activity forecasting: based on the forecasted cashflows, forecast various activities that could be done over the given periods in time.

·         Materials planning: based on the forecasted cashflows planning of various materials

·         ‘What if’ analysis scenarios

What we offer:

·         Readymade software along with the forms.

·         One license of a Business Intelligence tool

·         Readymade cubes for ad hoc analysis.


Why choose us?

·         Made from the business logic of EPC contractors in India

·         Fully customizable modules

·         Low cost

·         Easy to implement.

·         Ready interface with Primavera and MS project.

·         Comes with ad hoc reporting functionality

 Low Price: Our EPC contractor module starts at Rs. 35000(thirty five thousand only) along with 1 Business Intelligence license. The standard data model for the EPC contractor module is available free of cost.