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Construction analytics: M&N Business Intelligence India LLP intends to bring in best in class construction analytics for various companies in India and abroad.


What are we offering?

·         Help end clients collect and analyze large amount of information for real time data analysis.

·         Enable companies to plan, deliver and manage projects through better handling of data.

·         Enable companies currently using large number of spreadsheets to consolidate and analyze the available information. This should also in turn help the end clients adopt best practices in the construction and real estate sectors.

·         Help companies currently using Microsoft Excel migrate to the database applications and in turn help them choose and implement best in class software of their choice.

Why are we offering this service?

·         Construction businesses have data in disparate sources specifically different spreadsheets. This limits the ability of the firms to take timely and effective decisions.

·         Provide cost affordable and flexible analytics services to various firms in India and other third world countries.

·         Help large firms implement software such as SAP better by providing a user friendly analytics interface that dovetails with the ERP software.

·         Help companies having data in different data sources collate and analyze the same quickly and effectively.

Why choose us?

·         M&N BI offers best in class datawarehousing capabilities, while E-build has deep construction domain expertise. As a combination both should be able to effectively tackle and solve the end client problems.

·         Low cost of operations

·         Quick turnaround time.

·         Usage of high value added Business Intelligence tools such as Elegant Microweb as part of the offerings.


What is Project analytics?


Project Analytics helps answer the following questions from the MS excel spreadsheets and different datasources

·         Where does the client stand on actual versus planned activities?

·         Are the projects been executed in time? What are the variances and why?Where are the bottlenecks in the projects?


We also help consolidate data across projects. This should help get strategic value to senior management team since the managers can see the details of the common resources used across multiple projects. The consolidated view enables the managers to:

·         Assess the viability of the project

·         Decide whether the project is meeting the KPIs(Key Performance Indicators).

We shall help mine both the structured and unstructured data across the projects.


Why use Project analytics? Our offerings of project analytics should help the end clients to achieve the following objectives:

·         Reduce reporting errors

·         Help successfully deliver and execute large scale projects.

·         Do better planning and forecasting of the projects.

·         Better manage resources across the projects.

·         Maximize revenue and profits across projects.

·         Improve the cash flow management by improving collections and reducing bad debts.

·         Better manage the supplier performance.

Why use our services:

·         Our services are customized completely as per the end client requirements. The end client would get real time information using the current processes using our system.

·         Also the end client would not have to depend upon more expensive software offerings to get the same results. The end client customers and vendors can also get real time analytics at very economical costs.

·         Higher satisfaction for the end client customers since there shall be real time visibility of the project data.




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