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Data Capture


 The ETL team has developed a systematic process of data capture from ERPs such as SAP, Tally, Navision using odbc, xml, RFC extracts.  The process of configuring the data extracts for various ERPs is given below:

SAP:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce8PPctu9Og&feature=youtu.be

Tally data extract can be found in the videos on Business Intelligence  page. 

The data extraction been done by the ETL team ensures the following:


  • Maximum usage of RAM during extraction does  not exceed 2GB. This is done so that the load on the source system is minimal.
  • The extraction time is minimal so that the incremental data load from maximum number of locations is possible during the course of one fiscal day.


 The data extraction module is designed in such a manner that it is easy to deliver and easy to deploy.





MS Excel data extract: A large number of firms have a need for entering the data from MS Excel spreadsheets onto the database/software of their choice. We provide a systematic method of getting the tasks done.

What do we offer?


  •              We offer a systematic process of entering data onto the desired database. This entails  capturing data quality, data auditing and data profiling. We also offer comprehensive documentation to ensure that the data entry has been done of the desired quality.
  •            We offer a systematic method of updating of data once the initial entry has been done.       
  •           We offer full design facilities to convert MS Excel spreadsheets to database.


Why us?


  •               We have the ability to design interactive online forms for quick and easy data entry. This comes from the strong data modeling experience.
  •          We offer data entry facilities that are auditable. We have extensive ETL/SQL capabilities. This helps us offer comprehensive documentation for data entry(automated as well as manual). We also offer quality data entry operators as part of our service. Our services are useful for those
  •          We offer systematic data cleansing facilities using ETL tools.
  •          We offer data updating facilities. The data updating could be done manually as well as through ETL tools.
  •          We offer management reporting facilities from the database that helps check the quality of the data inputs and helps managers take effective decisions.