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Merge Excel spreadsheets in different formats

 Issues with spreadsheets

1.       Individual spreadsheets are snapshots at best and don’t give complete picture.

2.       Manual consolidation of data from spreadsheets in error prone and time consuming.

3.       Inflexible nature of data does not allow adhoc analysis. 

 What we deliver?
   1.       Increased accuracy of analysis through the use of database and analytical tools.

2.       Reduced redundancies through automatic consolidation of data in a database.

3.       Flexible and interactive analysis through the use of dashboard capabilities.

4.       ‘What if’ and scenario analysis through the use of various analytical tools.

5.       Quick management decision making through flexible and interactive reporting interface.

6.       Comprehensive picture through the use of interactive dashboards.

7.       Ease of access through the use of web reporting services.

Why Choose Us?
  1. We offer low cost solutions to customers facing issues with regards to Excel consolidation.
  2. We work in partnership with software firms thereby reducing costs, reducing delivery times and bringing in domain knowledge of the software firms.
  3. Offering of custom software: many end clients desire to get an economical custom software made from their spreadsheets. Since we partner with software firms, such custom software offerings are possible.
  4. Quick turnaround time: we can offer the solutions within a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Data Modeling expertise: our team brings in good expertise for designing reporting databases. 
  6. Comprehensive adhoc analysis facilities: Our firm offers a comprehensive adhoc reporting and analysis facilities.
  7.  Low risks for implementation: Our systematic process of gathering requirements and analysis ensures low risks for the end client.
Why Act Now?
  1. Accurate and flexible data is key to making good business decisions.
  2. Consolidation of spreadsheets could be a manual process thereby resulting in inaccurate data for analysis.
  3. Our firm helps end clients migrate to custom software solutions with ease and economically.

If interested in finding about how to solve the above problems, click here