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Project  Management analytical software: our Project Management software module has been designed specifically for the EPC contractors and builders executing large projects. We help convert the business logic from client’s spreadsheets into usable analytic modules.

For whom are these modules?


  • These modules are for large EPC contractors who are executing large and often complex projects. These contractors could have implemented software such as Primavera and MS projects. However for ground level operations they could have the following situation:
  • The project details are been captured in MS Excel
  • The vendors to these firms are sending RFQs and invoices in MS Excel format.
  • The EPC contractor is currently working on MS Excel(except accounting on Tally). The EPC contractor could be looking at a large scale ERP implementation. However it might desire to understand the current situation better to help choose the right ERP  software.
  •  There is a need for offering a custom interface between the data captured on the field and ERP software such as MS project, Primavera.
  •  The EPC contractor would like a low cost solution delivered in quick turnaround time.


What business questions do we answer:


  •        Is your project ahead or behind the schedule?-schedule variance indicator
  •        Is the project cash positive or cash negative?(project cashflow indicator)
  •        How much is percentage utilization of equipments at the construction projects?(equipment utilization indicator)
  •        Is the project profitable?
  •        Is the project liquidity position strong?(Liquidity Indicator)

 Why us?


  • The ROI on the analytical solutions should be very high. Please see our notes on Liquidity Indicator analysis, Project cashflow indicator below.
  • Our team should be able to deliver quick results. We believe that there is a possibility of improving on various metrics by 2% to 5% within a time period of 3 to 6 months.
  • Integration with MS project/Primavera: we should be able to integrate our analytical solutions with MS Project and Primavera. Plese see the ETL capabilities that our firm brings to solving the problem.
  • Our offerings are low cost and customized as per client requirements. 
  • The end client would not have to change the business process to a large extent. 
  • We seek to follow the best practices of American consulting firms such as FMI.


We shall primarily consider the following metrics as part of the construction and project management analytics:


  • Liquidity indicator
  • WIP Indicator
  • Margin variance indicator
  • Unapproved change order indicator
  • Backlog indicator
  • Schedule variance indicator
  • Project cashflow indicator