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  • MS Excel data consolidation(BPTP): The given construction firm had the project data distributed in spreadsheets in different formats. This resulted in lack of overall lack of visibility  for the senior managers.
Problem for Turbodata team: Consolidate the spreadsheet data
Provide real time visibility into project status.
Develop a predictive module for predicting the cost of delay for the end client.
Achievements of the ETL team: The ETL team developed a system to consolidate the spreadsheet data onto a single system thereby providing real time visibility into status of projects using a Business Intelligence and reporting tool.
  • Data consolidation and Reporting(Kurlon):  Kurlon had more than 85 branches with Tally installations.
Problem for the end client: The end client desired a consolidated view of the activities of the firm by integrating the Tally and SAP databases. The reporting was done using Tableau  by Nfinity LLC.
The ETL team was involved with data extractiondata cleansing and data consolidation for the end client. 
  • Inventory valuation(large VC funded company): large multinational MNC that is an end client of Nandini Infosys. The given end client in the field of robotics was using Tally. The end client migrated to SAP HANA. For the purpose of audit the end client required the right valuation numbers using weighted average.
 Resolution by the ETL team: The ETL team was involved in data extractiondata consolidationdata cleansinginventory valuation for the end client. The end client was able to get the audit numbers cleared by a top 4 consulting firm.
  •  Speeding up the reports for an end client of a Tally partner(Compitech): Compitech had developed a high end Tally package with very complex reports in Tally. The end client was facing issues with report refresh times due to high volumes of data. The ETL team speeded up the reports through data consolidationdata compressiondata cleansing and deriving on fly calculations at the database level. The reporting module of C#/.Net code was given to the Tally partner for further custo,ization at the end client end.
Other customers from Outside of India are attached herewith.


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