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Why Turbodata Predictive: Turbodata predictive enables high end forecasting and predictive analytics at lowest cost and the highest quality through data compression and sql reduction. 


The ETL team is able to reduce the sql code and minimize the data due to normalization data consolidation and data cleansing.  Also the ETL team has tools, which use minimum RAM,  for data capture. Thereafter the ETL team is able to do high end predictive analytics for the end client. The ETL team uses best in class analytics case studies from United States and other countries to build high end analytics modules.
Turbodata is looking to increase predictability and derisking for the end clients.
However the costs of deployment and the time to deploy of various predictive analytic solutions is very high as indicated in the current diagram. Turbodata intends to lower the cost of ownership by reducing the costs and time of deployment and enabling  easy to understand solutions for the end client.
In the attached video, the ETL team has shown why and show is its system able to offer high end predictive analytics with quickness and ease at lower costs.
 The ETL team has further developed the product to include advanced dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI.


 A more detailed predictive analytics demo for retail sales is as follows:



The ETL team has used ARIMA analysis and Market basket analysis to help the end client optimize its inventory  and increase sales of slow moving items based on historical analysis of inventory turnover ratios.



What is predictive analytics(published with permission of Tenfold):



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